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What actually is Online Review?

Review can be defined as the process of evaluating or assessing any product or service of an organization on the basis of certain criteria already defined. A review can be either favorable or unfavorable and sometime comparison of one product with another and accordingly providing rating to these products is also considered as review.

Online review now days becoming popular medium of getting proper and reliable information about various products with the help of technology just one click away. Ten tipper being also one of the review site provides a platform for customer to think wisely before buying any product or service.


Importance of Online Product Review

Online product review is having its own benefits whether you talk about customers or businesses. To get knowledge about any product you want to buy, it is always advised to just check the reviews of that product first and also to compare that product with its competitive products.

This contributes to the clear understanding of that product and also you can judge which product is worth buying and now thanks to technology one can check all the reviews online easily. Because of this reason online product reviews are becoming major factors responsible to determine the reputation of any product or service. But simultaneously it is also important to consider that website which provides an honest and impartial reviews as the likes of do.

Online review can affect a brand’s image either in positive or negative way, so you say that online reviews can have a big impact on any brand.

Online reviews play a significant role in the customer’s decision-making process, on the other hand, these reviews helps businesses to improve and explore new opportunities as required by customers.

Biases and Manipulation in Online Reviews

Online review no doubt is the most trusted deciding factor for customers when they buy something. But now studies have shown that these online reviews can be systematically biased and can easily be manipulated as per requirement.

There are several factors responsible for these online bias reviews like social influence or selective effect, but the consequence of this online bias reviews are never fruitful even for customers or for businesses. Websites as Ten tipper provides the trusted and unbiased reviews for its customers on which you can rely on completely.