How can fish become dangerous to your cats?

You must have seen a lot of cartoons or movies where cats just hunt for fishes and eat them alive. But, is it safe to feed your cats with fishes? Fishes are certainly high on proteins and they are definitely a treat for your cats but giving them in plenty can be harmful to your pet feline.

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You need to understand that fishes can only be a part of the diet for your cats, you should not feed them with more fishes and you should be aware that fishes were never part of the natural diet for cats albeit some wild ones found in the jungles. Fishes do have a lot of proteins, but they lack in sodium and several other minerals which are essential for your cats to become healthier and stronger.

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Visit to know more about what fishes are good for your cat’s health.  The bones in the fishes are too dangerous and can even cause deaths some times. You should always remove the bone from fishes before you include fishes as part of the food your cats eat. These bones can also damage the throats of your cats but cats generally swallow whole fishes.

This is still fine provided there are no small bones in the fishes, hence; to avoid complications, it is good that you remove the bones and feed your cats. Including a lot of fishes may also cause harm to your pets, check with the vet before feeding her anything in large quantities. You also need to check with the doctors if you are feeding your cats with fishes for the first time.