Controls used in customized vans for handicapped

Handicapped people cannot lead a normal life (or travel) but there are companies like imedmobility who are ready to help them with customized vehicles and indoor tools. Customized vehicles are for those who know how to drive but due to the disability driving a normal car is not possible. They can get their vehicles customized from the companies like imed mobility so that they can travel anywhere they want to. There are many driving controls that are used to make a vehicle suitable for the handicapped person. Let us see the most commonly used controls for customized vans or cars here.


Driving controls

Driving controls are for those who drive the vehicle themselves. Most of these controls will be connected to the steering or in the front seat section. Accelerator rings are commonly used by people who have the disability to their legs. The hand control that can be connected to the steering of the vehicle helps those who are not strong with hands. Imedmobility is one of the pioneers in customizing vehicles for handicapped.

Wheelchair lifts

If the disabled person cannot move he or she will need help in entering to the vehicle. The different types of lifts are used for this purpose. The wheelchair lifts that are available from imed mobility are used to get our loved ones into the vehicle with the wheelchair. The vehicle also should be customized to accommodate the wheelchair.

Transfer seats

Well, transfer seats are used when you do not want to sit in the wheelchair while traveling. This is used to transfer the passenger or the driver from the wheelchair to the seat and vice versa. Imedmobility can help you in this by coordinating with van or car manufacturers to customize the vehicle according to the passenger’s requirement.