A brief glimpse of few richest celebrities

Richest Celebrities are just not entertainers, models or singers. There are much more categories which can be added to richest celebrities. Below are few to have a glimpse.

  • Athletes:
  1. Roger Clemens: He is 54 and an athlete and is said to be a great pitcher in major league history, triumphs, 3.12 run averaged and 4672 strikeouts.  He has graduated from University of Texas, at Austin.
  • Comic:
  1. Tommy Davidson: 53 of age. He has outstandingly proved himself as a comedian. Moreover, he has been a part of many TV shows and films. He is socially active on Twitter and is connected to his 20,000 followers. His availability on Instagram is not yet disclosed.
  2. Amir Bluemenfeld: He is 32 and a humour content writer. Apparently, he could be seen in Films or Television shows. He is well known for his goofy laugh. He is connected to his fans via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  He is working as a seasoned performer, writer, and video originator at College Humor.

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  • Rappers:
  1. Micah Levar Troy: He is 38 years old and is also known as Pastor Troy. A well-known rapper and musician. It is been said that he has released 100 of his own  He has a huge fan following on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Politicians:
  1. Mark Levin: An American attorney, host and a writer. About his political involvement, he has worked in government of Ronald Reagan, President of America. He is believed to comment majorly on media outlets. He is 58 and has achieved Bachelor’s Degree in Political science when he was just 19. He has composed many novels, one of them which was rated No.2 by Amazon in 2008 as one of the bestselling novels. That book is Saving Sprite: A Dog’s love story of Joy and Agony. This book was all about his 2 dogs Sprite and Pepsi.

The list is endless, and there is an unstoppable curiosity to know more about the richest celebrities. You can know more about them in websites like http://richestcelebrities.wiki. Bottom of the line is many of them are not just born with a silver spoon. They’ve struggled, put a lot of efforts and then have accomplished their dreams.